About us

Nikita Transport was established in the year 2005 under the name of Nikita Enterprises to meet the dynamic needs of Employee Transportation Services of large corporates our energetic team has over 15+ years of experience in the employee transportation logistics, managing multi-client and multi-city operations. Our large fleet is perfectly equipped to meet the needs of leading corporates. The automation enables transparent operations across the organization with objective of maintaining highest customer satisfaction.

Our Aim

  • Satisfy The Customer By Providing Effective And Efficient Transport System.
  • Optimize The Usage Of The Vehicle.
  • Higher Operational Efficiency With Minimum Idle Time Of The Operational Units.
  • Reduce Operational Expense In A Substantial Manner.
  • Reduce Operational Time Of Key Operational Personal To Customer Needs.
  • Better Routing Algorithms For Trip Management.
  • Better Control And Management Of Daily Trips
  • Completely Eliminate Manual Process Of Trip Sheet Generation.
  • Bring In The Required Transparency And Improve The Efficiency.
  • Improve Operational Procedures.

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Our Strength

  • PAN India operation capability with presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR, Pune and Hyderabad.
  • Technology enabled, well defined process for vehicle induction, Driver Induction, allocation of vehicle to the project site and monitoring operations from the command centre.
  • Technology Solutions to manage end to end employee transportation covering Employee Booking, Rostering, Trip allocation, Driver App, GT App for vehicle tracking, monitoring and Billing. Timely alert to employee & GT Team.
  • Experienced team for ground operation.
  • 100% compliant vehicles and drivers.
  • A Command Centre that operates 24/7.

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Driver Mega Training (By qualified trainers)

We quarterly arrange an informative and entertaining driver's briefing by qualified and most rewarded trainers regarding key Safe Driving Principles. This motivational lecture program combines a mixture of discussions, video presentations and demonstrations (including our Drunk Driving Simulation Goggles) to enhance the participant's proactive skills and road safety awareness. Our aim is to update every driver's knowledge of the latest developments in vehicle technology, road engineering and enforcement and road law.

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Weekly Training and Briefing (By our Team)

We arranged weekly or monthly Meeting at company parking premises regarding new rules weekly review and scores against operation. And discussion with all drivers regarding his challenges.

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Nikita Operations Team

We have dedicated operations team to handle the operations needs of our clients. Operation manager is the person who will concentrate on daily operation Activities and also co-ordinate with the senior admin staff for the implementation of new polices. He is solely answerable for all the operational procedures.

Asst. Manager Operations will take care of the policies on daily basis. He will co-ordinate with the transport team of the company for any kind of assistance. He will also make sure that the procedures and planning given by the admin are implemented properly and his transport team following it properly.

Project in charge is the person who will monitor and will take care of daily Activities of transport system. He will take care of rostering, routing, Allocation of vehicles, dry runs and other activities.

Transport team leader will make sure that the vehicles should reach at the pickup point well in advance and he will also make sure that the agent should get all the relative information regarding their pickup vehicles. He will also make sure that the vehicle or the driver is going along with the guard while going for pickup of a lady.

Transport co-ordinators will help the vehicle to reach their destinations properly. He will also make sure that the vehicles should reach in the office as per the instructions given by the infra or admin.

Tracker will keep a close track of all the movement. He will help us with the data like vehicle reporting time, no. Of employees took the pickup or drop etc.

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